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DIY Tinted Lip Balm

Hello Humans! It’s me again, your friendly neighbourhood alien

Today I’ll be sharing a recipe for a DIY tinted lip balm with you! It’s relatively easy to make, cheap, actually good for your lips and has a nice tint! Honestly, what else do you want?

I actually thought of this recipe myself, but discovered that other people on the internet have so as well. I’m not going to give anyone credit for the recipe, but I’m also not giving credit to myself.

There’s a few things that you need to watch out for while completing this recipe, I’ll bring notice to these in the recipe.

DIY Tinted Lipbalm

What You’ll Need:

  • 5 teaspoons of unflavoured petroleum jelly (vaseline)
  • Lipstick and/or eyeshadow
  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Container
  • Microwave
  • Scraping and mixing tools


  1. Add five scoops of petroleum jelly to a small microwave safe bowl
  2. Add lipstick and eyeshadow until you get your desired color. Lipstick is a lot more pigmented than eyeshadow, so I would recommend using lipstick. The consistency also turns out a lot better. Make sure to mix well.
  3. Put the mixture into the microwave. Heat for intervals of 15 seconds on the highest setting until completely liquid. Be very careful to not leave the mixture in the microwave for too long. I’ve had one catch on fire for a few seconds because I left it in for too long.
  4. Pour the liquid mixture into your container.
  5. Put the lip balm in the fridge for 20 minutes to solidify.

I’ve created three different colors. I just want to show you the colors to get an idea of pigmentation with lipstick and eyeshadow.

This is the first color that I created with only eyeshadow:


You’re probably asking yourself where the swatch even is. Yup, it’s not pigmented at all.

This is the second color that I created using blush and eyeshadow:IMG_6807img_6811.jpg

Well, at least you can see the swatch now….

And here is the last one that I created using lipstick:


Yaaaaaaaay! It’s finally pigmented!

I hope you enjoyed this😊

If you try it out, tell me how it goes!

What’s your favourite lipstick color?


How I Cope With Stress

Hello Humans.

Soooo…. it’s report card season again.

That means:

  • Stress
  • Assessments in test form, essay form, podcast form, whatever form your teachers want.
  • Working on assessments at home
  • Studying
  • Did I mention stress?
  • Oh yeah, I forgot about stress.

If you’ve ever been through this, you know it’s probably difficult to keep you stress levels down and balance school work and fun. Sooooo, lemme give you some tips.

Don’t Study Too Much

Yea, studying too much does exist. Make sure to keep a balance between the amount you work. So don’t study 7 hours one day and only 1 the next. Split up the amount you work and don’t give yourself unnecessary work.

Take Breaks

I like to follow the 30 minutes work, 15 minutes break thing. So, I’ll study for 30 minutes on whatever I need to work on, and then watch a YouTube video or something to wind me down. This keep me from going absolutely insane.

Don’t Procrastinate

Ever heard yourself say “I’ll do that later” to a piece of work. Well, the later most probably turned into tomorrow, which turned into tomorrow again, and then turned into not studying for the test. Don’t do that! Do you have time now? Well do the studying or the work now even if it’s not due till next week! This keep you from having unnecessary workloads and stuff.

Study in a Comfortable Environment

Don’t study on your cold floor. Don’t study in some weird contortionist position. Sit at your desk or on a comfortable chair with you laptop on your lap or on the table. Grab some snacks (healthy brainfood preferably, but I get if you want something else. I don’t crave unsalted nuts either. I crave junk😬) listen to chill music, wear comfy clothes, wrap up in a nice blanket. Do whatever you have to to feel comfortable.

Get Enough Sleep

So what I’m trying to say is don’t stay up till dawn studying. Go to bed early and get at least 8 hours of sleep. That way you’ll be ready for the next day of school, and be ready for the tests and assessments you’ll be doing.

Have Some Fun Gurl

Don’t quit your afterschool activities to study. Maybe your night routine will become a bit cramped, but trust me, it feels so much better to study when you’ve already moved and aren’t twitchy.

Don’t Create Unnecessary Work for Yourself

I’m not telling you to not do extensions in assessments or anything, but do you really need to review the uses of sulphuric acid 25 times? Are you sure it’s important when your test is about the digestive system? The answer: NO! Don’t study anything unrelated, unless you are sure it will be in your test or you’ll need it for your assessment.

Keep Motivated

Don’t give up! You got this! Don’t convince yourself you won’t do well on the test or assessment, because you need to stay motivated to keep going.

I hope these tips helped! They help keep me alive, and I do try and follow most of these tips! Anyways, good luck for your next assessment!














pH of your cleaner, and how it affects your skin!

Hey humans,

I am really sorry for not posting last weekend, but I had 2 sleepovers, a birthday party and a TON of homework. I wasn’t able to use my laptop once for something that wasn’t school related. But I had a lot of fun anyways, and you can’t blame me for that! Right? #alittlepartyneverhurtnobody

So today I’m doing something a bit more sciency!

Let’s welcome Noelle the science Hotel! (rebel, hell, bell, you choose😂)

So I’m actually doing a project about this, so you will be honored to read my podcast script (we are doing a podcast DON’T ASK ib schools are unique)

So there is going to be some sciency words in here that I might not explain, so there will be some definitions at the bottom.

The pH of your skin is between 4.5-5.5 on the scale. Your skin is called an “acid-mantle” because it is slightly acidic. Your skin needs to be slightly acidic to ward off bacteria and infections, as well as dirt, things that might cause allergic reactions and pollutants. Your “acid mantle” also protects you against wind, contains, makes and regulates natural oils to keep your skin moisturized. Things like excessive UV light, climate and pollution can impact the health of your skin. But so can the products, and even the water, you use to clean your face everyday.

Using products that are too alkaline or too acidic compared to your skin’s pH can be very harmful. Using these once will temporarily alter the pH of your skin. Your skin can recover from this, but using these products regularly can permanently damage your skin.

Using soap cleansers can be very harmful for your skin, as it does not match the pH of your skin at all. Soap is between 9-11 on the pH scale because of the detergents they use (laurel sulfate usually), compared to your skin’s ph of 4.5-5.5. See, doesn’t match at all. Because a soap cleanser is quite alkaline, it gets rid of dirt, but also all the natural oils that keep your skin moisturized. Cleaning your skin with a cleanser that is too alkaline can result in dryness, flaking, irritation, itchiness and even aging of the skin.

Peeling products are good every once in a while. But because they are very acidic, they can damage your skin if you use them too often. Peeling products are very acidic because they need to get rid of your dead skin. If you do end up using a peeling wash every day, it could result in breakouts, inflammation, and having skin that it painful to the touch.

So… how do you make sure that your cleanser has the right pH? You can look for cleansers that say “pH balanced” on their packaging, or look for cleansers that have the pH on the packaging. But there is no need to worry because most cleansers will already have a pH of around 4.5-5.5. The cleanser’s pH is already tested in the lab when it is made, because it wouldn’t perform well if it caused any of the harmful effects mentioned.

In short- the pH of your beauty and skincare products does matter. Because if they don’t have the right pH for your skin (4.5-5.5), it can severely damage your skin.  But there is no need to worry because most cleansers will already have a pH of around 4.5-5.5.

*acidity= liquids and materials that have high levels of acid

*alkalines= basic materials or liquids

*acid mantle= top layer of skin

*pH= potential hydrogen, a scale to show how acidic or alkaline a liquid or material is




My Week In Numbers!

Hello Humans!

I’ve seen these posts all over blogs, so I would like to try it out for myself. I also don’t have anything else to post but would still love to delight you with my blog’s presence. Also, I will only be posting once a week on Sundays from now on. It’s gotten hard with school to find ideas and time to post! Thank you for understanding♥️

Without further ado… here’s my week in numbers💯

//5…\\ spanish tests completed (I still have one more to go😬)

//1.4…\\ km swam in swim practice

//3…\\ pirouttes done without stopping

//13…\\ chf spent on a velvet cardigan

//5…\\ songs downloaded

//2…\\ runs that I went on

//1…\\ pirouette done on pointe

//3…\\ grades recieved

Eh, it’s a mess I’m sorry!

What should I post next?


The Liebster Award

Hey Humans,

I was recently nominated for the Liebster Award by the amazing Desti nee of Life With Des. Go check out her Liebster award post here!

But what even is the Liebster Award?

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. – Acknowledge the blog that nominated you
  2. – Answer the (11) questions your nominator has asked you
  3. – Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers
  4. – Ask them 11 questions
  5. – Let them know that you’ve nominated them

Let’s get to answering the questions that Life With Des has asked me

1. Why did you start your blog?

I was inspired by a friend of mine. Her blog was really cool (it still is) and it seemed like some thing fun. Also, I’ve always wanted to start one so this just set off my ideas (idek). I wanted to give advice to people and share my ideas!

2. What is your favourite book and why?

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell is probably my favourite book. I really like the balance that the book has between romance and adventure. The adventure and plot of the story is great and very enticing. However, the romance is probably my favourite part of the book. It is very unexpected but is defininately fiery and passionate (not in a gross way though). I also like the fact that the book is differant and raises awareness for many topics. It is a bit similar to Harry Potter at the start but takes a different turn.

There is a companion book to Carry On. This book in Fangirl and it’s about the life of the fictional author who wrote Carry On. Carry On is a fanfiction to a fictional book series called “Simon Snow.” Cath, the protagonist in Fangirl writes Carry On as a fanfiction, and Fangirl is about her life. It’s a bit hard to explain.

I would recommend reading Carry On first because Fangirl includes snippets of Cath’s fanfictions that sometimes spoil Carry On. It is also not neccesarry to read both books! The books also work great by themselves!

3. What is your biggest accomplishment?

Probably winning best student of 6th grade last year! Also, getting on pointe was great. And then theres something private that I won’t put on the internet…

4. What is your biggest goal for 2018?

Probably getting my splits. Also, to continue this blog and make it succesful would be amazing!

5. Who is the most influential person in your life?

Probably my older sister, or even some of my friends. Maybe even the media, even though that is not one single person.

6. Describe your dream vacation.

A beach vacation or a cruise. I am a lazy person that enjoys laying around on the beach or on the deck. I also love swimming and feel very contected to the ocean, so having a pool and being close to the ocean are musts for me. It would also be  great to see some friends that live in other countries while on vacation!

7. Which non-proit organisation is most important to you?

Probably the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) because they protect the environment that we have destroyed and try to hinder further destruction.

8. If you had a limitless budget but could only buy 5 things, what would they be?

  1. An island (with a house already on it) because luxury baby
  2. Plane tickets to see my friends
  3. Some big company
  4. An iphone 10
  5. My way out of school

9. What is your favourite way to relax?

I love watching series and playing on my phone at the same time while chilling in bed eating some kind of junk food.

10. If you were stuck as one age for the rest of time, which age would you want to be?

Probably 18 or 21

11. Describe your blog aspirations in 1 word


So those where my answers…

and here are my questions for the people I will nominate:

1.) Are you enjoying blogging?

2.) If you were stranded on an island, which five things would you like to take with you?

3.) Favourite movie and why?

4.) Three words to describe yourself.

5.) Favourite pastimes?

6.) Most important things/people in your life?

7.) Favourite subject and why?

8.) Describe your blog!

9.) Biggest goal for 2018?

10.) Favourite thing about blogging?

11.) Best experience you’ve had?

I nominate:

Hreem –

I don’t have any other blogger friends, but comment if you want to be nominated!






My Favourite Coffee Recipe

Am I the only one that HATES the taste of coffee but is dependant on its energizing powers. I hope not.

So this recipe is one that I created to make sure that you don’t taste the coffee in your coffee. It’s sweet and literally tastes like a caramel hot chocolate.

The recipe makes a hot coffee, but you could try this out as an iced coffee and let me know how it tastes.

Chocolate Caramel Coffee

Serves: 1 caffeine and sugar dependant human.

Preparation time: 5-10 minutes

You’ll Need:

  • A nice mug
  • A microwave safe container
  • 50 ml coffee
  • 200 ml milk
  • A microwave
  •  4 teaspoons caramel macchiato coffee creamer
  • 2 teaspoons sweetened cocoa powder
  • (optional) marshmallows and whipped cream for decoration and extra sugar


  1. Heat up the milk (in the microwave safe container) in the microwave for 1 and a half minutes.
  2. Add the milk to the coffee in a cute mug. Mix well
  3. Add the coffee creamer and the cocoa powder. Mix well
  4. (optional) Add whipped cream and/or marshmallows on top.
  5. Enjoy, and don’t burn yourself!

That’s it! Pretty easy, huh? And really delicious!

And this is a picture (it’s my starbucks cup)


Hope you enjoy and try it out! Let me know if you like it.

Do you like/drink coffee?




Dubai Haul!


I’m going to start this off by saying that I, once again, am posting this late. Sorry! I have to work on that😣

But anyways…

Today I’m doing a haul on all the stuff that I bought in Dubai! You probably don’t know that I used to live in Dubai before I moved to Switzerland, and I went there to visit Hreem (BFFL) and see my home!

Without further ado, let’s get started!

*This post is not meant to brag or show off. If you do not enjoy these posts please do not view it. Thank you.

From Typo I Got…


This gorgeous sparkly rose-gold planner. It very faintly says 2018 on the cover. I really like this because it’s super girly and includes funny details such as “traits of the zodiacs” and “random dates to celebrate.”

IMG_6765This interesting pencil case. It’s hard to describe honestly. You know those phone cases with the glitter in them where the glitter moves around? Yeah it’s kind of like that, but without the liquid. So the glitter moves around inside pencil case boundaries. It’s super hard to explain sorry for that😂


From Forever 21 I Got…


This super cool sports bra! It’s hard to explain (again) but when you put it on you have a cross that is formed with the black bands. You have a little like cutout thing and it looks really nice🤗. You could maybe even use it as a crop top in the summer.


I also go this shirt. It’s very difficult to see in the picture but it is puffy in the middle and tight at the end, like bell bottoms. The sleeves are also like that. It is very cropped.

From Mizu I Got…


Just a basic calendar and a basic notepad. I love Mizu because it is quite simple, relatively cheap and good quality.


And a culmination of pens. I got turquoise, pink, blue, red, black ballpoint pens and a black gel pen. I got a black double sided felt tip and this weird eraser pen. I got a mechanical pencil and dorm lead. I got blue, pink, green, yellow and orange double tipped highlighters. The thicker tip of the highlighter is actually part transparent😂.

From Bath and Body Works I Got…

IMG_6797IMG_6791IMG_6793These three PocketBacs. “Lemond Woods” smells like a lemon cough drop with a few herbs. “Snow Kissed Citrus” smells like icy lemon that’s a lot more tangy than “Lemon Woods.” “Sparkling Mint Blossom” smells likes sweet mint.


Three lip glosses in two different flavours. The lighter one is sweeter while “Spearmint Supreme 2X” is a lot more minty. They give the lips a nice shine and tingle on the lips. They also plump the lips and make them more red.

From Kinokuniya I Got…


A Wreck This Journal. I already have two but I decided to start fresh because these are always fun!

From Accessorize I Got…


This Crown Chakra bracelet. I thought it was super pretty, dainty and feminine and all the “powers” it’s supposed to give you (wisdom, strength, energy) are some that I need!

I hope you enjoyed this haul! Sorry for updating so late.

See you (talk to you I guess) Thursday!